Jillian & Jason

The generations of love that surround Jillian & Jason is obvious from the moment they start getting ready in the morning. Little moments like grandparents holding babies, to kids watching the couple in awe, show what examples have been set for them as they embark on their journey and the influence their love will have as it grows.


We hope you love your wedding film! 

Once you have had a chance to watch your Feature and Highlight Films, we would really appreciate some feedback about your film and experience.

Please answer as may questions as you like, the more you answer the better we can understand what is important to our couples and where should spend our time improving. We will leave this section up for a week or so.

If you would prefer not to answer any of the questions, please let us know and we will delete this section right away.


some of our favourite captured moments

jason's reaction at the ceremony

all of the kids

reactions to speeches

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